Industrial trends


Industry is changed due automation, process optimisation and connectivity between the devices. Oil regulations and stricter governmental policies as well as geopolitical instabilities are making the industry overthink the supply chain and the energy issues. The overall slow down of the World industry and currency stability are demanding attention for long term planning.

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Socio-cultural trends

  • Changing attitudes and opinion about mass-production and industrial giants
  • Expected rising consumer spending
  • Ageing Population, less specific market segments

Technological trends

  • IoT and digital transformation - connected devices ease the production process
  • Big data opens endless possibilities in data analytics for increased efficiency
  • AI and Augmented Intelligence exponential growth influences the process optimisation
  • Technology: Blockchain, LPWA, Digital Twin transforms the traceability of materials and reliability of producers
  • Innovations in sensor technologies upgrade the performance of the industry

Economical trends

  • Data as commodity, also industrial production traceability
  • Cross-Industry alliances create bigger impact on market
  • Outsourcing of services, less in-house production
  • NET neutrality

Environmental trends

  • Sustainability and circular Economy creates pressure on industry choices of production
  • Corporate social responsibility demands social impact from corporations with bad market image
  • Sustainable Energy, clean, renewable/reliable energy use in production, to follow strict regulations and customer demand
  • Recycling, waste management and legal issues of chemical disposals
  • Energy saving, energy efficiency in production processes to follow in the manufacturing process
  • Increased focus on shortage of Water and its use in production processes

Political trends

  • Restrictive US import policy, the rise of Strong Men politics
  • Non-stabile geopolitical situation
  • International organisation pressure for following stricter regulations
  • Stricter limitation on volatile organic compounds
  • Oil and gas use regulation increase