Founders' Meetings #1


  1. Check-in:
    1. Imagining the innovation ecosystem
  2. Update:
    1. Aim of the ecosystem
  3. To-do:
    1. Creation of high-level pathways to create an ecosystem
    2. Steps to take Monday morning
    3. Fun
  4. Next steps


  1. Imagining the innovation ecosystem:
  • Free flow: Ice wants to have fun. Break some of the ice. A lot of initiatives like this, what would make this different - Hitendra. Need structure.
  • Innovation club
  • Best practices of ecosystem: Comps here, because of the ecosystem, but don’t use ecosystems. Not a tech push comp, don’t have a manufacturing plan.
  • Funding attraction
  • Training
  • Innovating by combining ideas: Blur the lines of companies
  • Exposing to other ideas: Best results of innovation: exposure to other influences
  • Become better known (comp) in the us labour market
  • Drive return on innovation
  • Different perspectives
  • Labor market attractiveness
  • Create jobs
  • Prosperity of the local economy
  • It can be bigger than all of us

2. Aim of the ecosystem:

  • Fix ecosystem
  • Innovation breakthroughs through new insights
  • Funding attraction and sustaining for innovation
  • Increasing labor market attractiveness
  • Prosperity of local economy

Aim of founders:

  • Learn something new
  • Connect the dots
  • Want to be around people who want to change something
  • Broaden network

3. Actions:

  • Help with talent attraction
  • Marketing: Go into labour market as a group

4. Steps to take:

  • Small event - to talk about a certain topic of interest (Escape room; Just social event)
  • Workshops
  • Design sprints with founders
  • Bring additional people (1-2 each)
  • Name the group
  • Website

Problem: Ecosystem broken: no flow from Unis to companies

Worries: Putting company name on a big publication