Global shifts are reshaping the world we live in and can be seen as the driving forces for other developments to emerge. There are mega-forces influencing everyone of us no matter the geographical location, affiliations or income level.

Smart technology for smarter every day

Interconnected networks

Know, analyse and decide wisely

Reduce, Reuse, Renew!

Living longer and better

Being closer, being international

Going beyond functionality and reality to provide superior experiences

Smart technology for smarter every day

Technological breakthroughs are maturing and becoming progressively accepted. The abilities of new technology like autonomous functionality, artificial intelligence, AI and VR, 3D printing and drones delivery are expanding the borders of industries and services as we know it.

With technology mediums products are becoming services through holistic experience using gamification elements and focusing on user experience. It changes how we comprehend the world around us, how we interact and enables new level of functionality and experiencing.

Key enablers: maturity of technology and societies acceptance, blurring boundaries of products or services, want for full experience, want to be human

Key opportunities: automation of the industries, enabling of new business models, fast adoption of technology, enabling new channels, markets and client segments, creating new applications of technology, expanding interaction with the clients

Key challenges: new entrants, non-traditional competitors, legal issues such as data security, mass acceptance of technology and client engagement

Interconnected network integrations

Interconnectivity and integration networks of interacting things

Interconnectivity and integration networks of interacting things is transforming every industry by helping make more informed decisions. IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring any interaction. Connectedness expands the functionality and the main scope and focus of technology.

Key enablers: smartness of technology, social networks and people want to be and stay always connected.

Key opportunities: bounded actions, analytics and informed decision making, Smart connectivity, use of machine learning for process automation.

Key challenges: cyber security, ethical related to data, privacy.

Know, analyse and decide wisely

Big data, data analytics and massive data availability

Massive data availability creates need for information management and analytics that enables recognition of patterns and more informed decisions. Detailed knowledge of behaviour and preferences gives deeper insight and personalized offering. Data availability is also starting point for artificial intelligence.

Key enablers: Big data, technological maturity, interconnectivity, data production and usage

Key opportunities: increased productivity, monitoring the change, comprehensive insight on client, deep learning

Key challenges: interpretation of data, misuse of provided data, ethical issues and data security

Beyond Green-washing to Reduce, Reuse, Renew!

Sustainable, traceable and transparent

Increasing consumer awareness and global demand for sustainable practices creates social responsibility that is reflected in operations, manufacturing and mindful decision making. Companies are innovating to create a more sustainable world. Stricter regulations and control forces companies to remake their supply chain and positioning of the brand.

Key enablers: global warming, increased awareness of the problem by pressure from governance

Key opportunities: brand positioning and process automation

Key challenges: stricter regulations and cost increase, ensuring traceability and transparency

Going beyond Healthcare to helping people live better longer

Silver economy transforms healthcare

With shifting demographics and living longer, the aging of population is increasingly influencing almost every industry simultaneously. Changing dynamics in working population, shifts in economic power and increased social pressure develops silver economy.

Key enablers: wellness and increased life expectancy.

Key opportunities: reliable market segment, creation of jobs dedicated to the elderly

Key challenges: competition for resources, shifting economic power and dynamics of social issues

Being closer and international

Globalization and internationalisation

With increased mobility and economic driving forces the society is becoming more concentrated in urban areas with global connectivity and reach. Cities are becoming the epicenters of the world and economic dynamics were society is concentrated. Globalization creates bigger opportunities, but increases competitive dynamics.

Key enablers: globalization, job opportunities, growing population , free movement of goods across the boundaries

Key opportunities: markets without borders, global supply chains, diverse society, increased focus on city, smart city

Key challenges: overpopulation of cities, scarcity of resources and jobs, lack of infrastructure, cities efficiency

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