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Co-workout Challenge

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Yearly Plan

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Monthly Speaker Event

Monthly talk about various topics delivered by the innovation center heads

A monthly closed event during which various innovation center representatives from member centers present their views on currently pressing issues globally and in the innovation landscape from their personal and their company's, centers perspective. Speaker and location provided every month.

Time to Remember: First Monday of every month.


  • Share best practices related to challenges and work practices
  • Share insights into current challenges faced by the industry, center, etc.

Deliverables: During the monthly Founders' meeting each of the Founders invites a speaker or delivers a speech on a topic of their interest related to the case for change globally or in an industry of their choice. The speech is followed with an informal discussion and Founders' monthly meeting.

Annual Conference

A conference where innovation center heads share their stories about the reality shaping the future

A 1 - 2 day open event consisting of a series of speeches delivered by the innovation leaders, innovation center heads, and trend setters on trends shaping and changing the every day lives of individuals and businesses.

Time to Remember: 1 - 2 days on July.


  • Share insights about cutting edge solutions, technologies from the leading global innovation centers
  • Share insights about the local and global innovation culture and ecosystem
  • Provoke and promote innovation

Deliverables: Speeches delivered during the event by invited speakers.


Intern Exchange Program

An inter-innovation center talent exchange, talent fair and intern social event program

An intern program consisting of a company fair, intern exchange program, and a series of social events for the participating interns.

The company fair offers the opportunities for current students or recent graduates to learn more about the leading innovation centers in the area, and apply for a possibility to become an intern at one of the participating innovation centers. The selected interns will become a part of the intern exchange program, as a part of which individuals will be able to visit and work in multiple participating innovation centers. Additionally, the program offers various social events and experience exchange meetups to the participating interns.

Time to Remember: 2nd week of June.


  • Gain insights about working in different industries for various industry-leading companies
  • Meet and exchange experience with other interns
  • Attract and retain the best talent from best global universities in Boston Area


Interns of interest are reached out to by member centers individually according to their recruitment policies. At the middle of the internship and end of it, the student file consisting of their resume and recommendation documentation is updated by the internship provider with feedback and further possible recommendations.

Co-workout Innovation Challenge

Competition aimed at solving major industry challenges in mixed groups from different innovation centers

Challenges submitted by member innovation centers of ICoN are solved in a series of periodic workshops and a week-long talent exchange program. As a part of the workshops individuals from member innovation centers work for a week in a different innovation center in mixed teams to gain experience and alternative insights on currently pressing issues.


  • Solve local and global challenges with innovative products, services, processes
  • Leverage new insights from employees working in different industries, for different companies, with different backgrounds
  • Gain experience in different projects, industries, on alternative organization structure

Deliverables: Presentations by teams with a focus on the failure they encountered and their possible solutions. Presentation of solutions created by teams.

Innovation Olympics

Leverage different insights provided by teams from leading universities across the globe to identify and pursue the next growth opportunities

In a global 8 week consulting competition multiple teams from leading universities from all over the world solve a real life business challenge. 300 - 500 projects have been completed, most for Fortune 500 companies. During the 2 months, teams identify the trends changing the industry and the world, where are the next innovation breakthroughs, and how to pursue them.


  • Identify organization’s next strategic growth opportunities
  • Get new and robust business concepts on where to focus innovation efforts to get results
  • Generate “quick wins” on innovation by sourcing new ideas and opportunities

Deliverables: Solved business case with a detailed business case developed for the company to close the growth gap, tackle the challenge identified by the client


Innovation Management Trainings

4 level innovation management trainings provided by the Global Innovation Management Institute

Innovation management training for innovation leaders, practitioners, and employees to help build alignment, build innovation leadership, make innovation everyone's job, and execute.


  • Build alignment about innovation definition, theories, and framework
  • Build innovation leadership through innovation: strategy; discipline; capability building

Deliverables: Trainings Level 1 - 4