Founders' Meeting #4

  1. Check-in:
    1. Team members:
    2. Introduction to new team members (Bayer, Danaher meetings)
    3. Introduction to host center
  2. Update:
    1. Innovation center survey, white paper development
    2. Speakers event - TEDx License
  3. To do:
    1. Future events planning:
      1. Innovation center event this Thursday: Aim, new member involvement
      2. Next Founder's meeting
    2. Figuring out the ICoN business model
  4. Next steps
  1. Check-in:
    1. Team members:
      1. Nicolas position change: (1) Ethics; (2) Physics of AI. Healthcare, transportation, etc. High-level research. 4 - 6 years until the technology enters the market
      2. Jennifer: (1) VC (between funds). Intersection between AI and ethics; (2) Harvard iLab and MIT
      3. Christimara: employed in IXL
      4. Garret: Shell Techworks management (80 - 90% of employees outside of the industry)
      5. Babtunde: Verizon strategy. 5G Strategy.
      6. Hitendra: IXL Center. Facilitator of the innovation ecosystem. Client base - large companies, governments. Limited work with SMEs.
      7. Rasa: IXL Center. Operations manager of ICoN.
    2. New members:
      1. Addition of Bayer. Membership fee $25k. Commitment for 3 years. Motivation to join the ecosystem: University cooperation kind of working, but not bringing enough benefit, inter-innovation center cooperation - not working.
      2. Danaher meeting: industrial chemicals, medicine. Meeting Thursday, April 11.
    3. Introduction to host center: IXL Center
      1. Continuation of Arthur D. Little on the innovation level. Executed 300 - 500 projects to different Fortune 500 companies. Methodology being taught in schools around the world. When it comes to innovation - one of the leading consulting firms.
  2. Update:
    1. Survey: create an email survey
      1. Overall structure: Make it light for 1st round
      2. Answer format: Check-boxes. Open-ended only at the end
      3. Questions to be asked:
        1. What else have they tapped into? (Are they just cooperating,, but which groups are they a part of)?
        2. What are the types of innovation centers (e.g. check-boxes)
        3. Level of maturity (early stage; mature)
        4. Size of the innovation center? (different from company size)
        5. 1 core center vs a network of innovation centers around the globe?
        6. Gender composition of the centers?
    2. TEDx License: "Learn about what is happening now, not what was happening in the past?"
      1. Registering. Could cooperate with Cambridge
      2. Issues:
        1. There are a lot of conferences. How to fill the agenda: topics; audience; etc.
        2. Comparatively w/ TEDx Cambridge.
      3. Potential solutions:
        1. Will fill in the room even if just with the members of each innovation center.
        2. Business focus. New solutions from the specific business players.
        3. Build partnerships. Invite TEDxCambridge organizers as contributors, partners, etc.
        4. Start small.
    3. Innovation centers in the area: Understand where are the blank spaces in each industry, complete the map.
  3. To Do
    1. Future event planning:
      1. Next founders meeting: IBM, April 23.
        1. Location is important. Keep to Cambridge. Next: IBM
        2. Bringing new members
      2. Intern event in the summer: to network with the other interns from other centers.
        1. Experience exchange and networking between interns
        2. Intern leisure, fun events
        3. Intern attraction fare
    2. Add outer circle of members.
      1. Pricing:
        1. Outer circle pays $25k per year for 3 years.
        2. For other innovation centers $2 - 3k per year.
        3. Tier pricing
      2. Maturity level of centers
      3. Understanding of where the ecosystem members live - within a business unit or separately
      4. How to navigate access to the individual centers
  4. Next steps:
    1. ICoN Speaking at an innovation event. August 15: Cartagena, Colombia. Innovation event in LatAm.
    2. Co-working: Grand Tour of innovation. (Create unique tour, because no one else has the network). End with TEDx?
      1. Issue:
        • Funding
        • Time involvement of members