Start Ups

Top Boston Startups


Athenahealth is a leading provider of cloud-based business and clinical services for physician practices that makes patients and doctors’ lives easier and more efficient.

PathAI creates AI-powered software to help pathologists be faster and more accurate when diagnosing diseases.

Buoy Health offers a smart symptom checker called “Buoy” that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and proprietary data to give consumers a real-time, accurate analysis of their symptoms.

Industry 4.0

Desktop Metal is reinventing the way design and manufacturing teams produce and 3D print metal parts - from prototyping through mass production. They team is built around the disciplines of materials science, hardware and software engineering, and design.

6 River Systems is a robotics company on a mission to redefine fulfillment automation for e-commerce and retail operations. One of its warehouse robots, Chuck, uses state-of-the-art sensors to navigate work zones and can carry up to 160 pounds of material.

SimpliVity provides hyperconverged infrastructure that accelerates the deployment of resources and workloads. Acquired by Hewlett Packard in 2017.


Panorama Education is a data analytics company for K-12 education, helping school districts, charter networks, and state governments conduct surveys of students, parents, teachers, and staff.

Ellevation provides ELL administrative and data management tools for teachers, saving school districts time and giving hours back to instructors so they can maximize their impact in the classroom.

After prompting users to take a quick survey, CollegeAI uses its machine-learning algorithm to analyze the thousands of colleges in its database to determine which colleges will best fit the student and why.

Big Data

Forge.AI is a stealthy startup that hopes to “transform the world’s unstructured data” into streams of structured information that can be used by intelligent machine.

Indico Data is an Enterprise AI solution for unstructured content focused on helping to automate tedious back-office tasks, improving the efficiency of labor-intensive document-based workflows, and extracting valuable insights from unstructured content, including text and images.

Composable Analytics is an enterprise-grade DataOps platform built for business users that want to architect data intelligence solutions and deliver operational data-driven products.

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